Prosessifestivaali: Prosessiklubi


Prosessiklubi@Kuudes linja

LIVE: 5Loops (EST)
LIVE: Dragan Volta ja Põhjamaade Hirm = DVPH (EST)
LIVE: Kemmuru (FIN)

Kaiku-klubi (Kuudes Linja)
Kaikukatu 4, Helsinki
Free Entrance (cloakroom fee only)

The Festival Club Prosessiklubi brings Estonian and Finnish hip hop on stage on 12 June at Kuudes Linja Club (Kaiku-klubi), a five-minute walk from Suvilahti.

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Photo: s'Poom / Superbandiit Records

5loops is a hip hop project led by s’Poom, a veteran MC from Tartu, Estonia. The name of the project was inspired by its simple structures: all the beats are constructed from only five loop samples, in the old-school style. With his love of the 1990s hip hop in mind, s’Poom samples jazz and funk music, producing a “long-ago” sound completed by an emotive lyrical flow. Prominent MCs from all over Estonia support s’Poom with their rhymes, including Põhjamaade Hirm, Chalice, Tommy Boy, Okym, Riim, Gorõ Lana, Reket and many more. 5Loops was first billed on the Gorõ Lanas track “Prisma”, and a full LP entitled “2010LP” followed, released on Superbandiit Records. Last year, the “2012EP” emerged as a free download, and s’Poom has promised we will hear “2013LP” soon. Text: Tallinn Music Week

Dragan Volta ja Põhjamaade Hirm

Dragan volta ja põhjamaade hirm
Photo: Hanna Samoson

DVPH (roughly translated: Dragan Volta & Nordic Terror) is the result of a partnership between two close friends: producer Dragan Volta and MC Põhjamaade Hirm. Their sound has been described as abstract and somewhat futuristic: at once mellow, friendly and thoughtful. The collaboration has been running for five years, culminating in their debut LP “Mõtted On Mujal” (roughly translated: “Thoughts Elsewhere”), released in January 2013 on seminal Estonian label Superbandit. Text: Tallinn Music Week


Photo: Kemmuru / Monsp Records

Ten years of hard work and uncompromising attitude have shaped this group into a flag-bearer of ambitious Finnish hip hop that is praised by critics and sells out gigs.

Kemmuru's DJ J-Laini masters the night life of Helsinki by running several clubs either independently or as part of the internationally-reputed Top Billin collective. MC / producer Aksim is one of the top names when it comes to classic, sample-based hip hop sound, and he usually has something to do with all the essential Finn rap productions. MC Jodarok is the biggest Joensuu-based rapper in Helsinki, who, in addition to Kemmuru productions, releases albums more or less frequently with different collaborative, side or solo projects. Text: Ilosaarirock