International Street Art and City Festival

On Helsinki Day 12 June 2013 in Suvilahti, Helsinki

Process Festival brings (street)artists from Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Germany, France and UK together, organises graffiti and street art workshops, builds an international street art exhibition and exhibits street photographs from Finland and China.

The festival is coordinated by the Estonian Institute in Finland and it's part of the Helsinki Day programme.

Read more about festival programme below.


Prosessi International Street Art exhibition


Tiivistämö building (Building no 5),
Helsinki Suvilahti area,
Kaasutehtaankatu 1 / Sörnäisten rantatie 22,

The Exhibition venue, Tiivistämö, is a listed building, and the Process Festival has a unique opportunity to display its works on the inner walls of the house!

Street Artists:

EST: Multistab (Karma, Pheriskoop, Signor Sick), Lé 60 (Ryrerei, Oby), Uku Sepsivart, MinaJaLydia
FIN: Poe, Egs, Pallo, Frank & Japhy, JussiTwoSeven
SWE: Nug
FRA: 2Shy
UK: Petro
GER: Flying Förtress

About the Exhibition:

Urban space is kept in constant movement by the events and phenomena that take place there. The surrounding environment influences us all the time, and thus the Process Festival focuses on artists who have a certain role in shaping the urban environment; artists who have initiated some changes in urban space, inspired by events happening in the environment and by a simple wish to be visible. The exhibition tries to explain the creative processes of artists and let them explain their views. What is an artist thinking when he or she uses public space as canvas? Why do they interfere in urban space? What are the artists’ aims? Where are the ideas coming from, and what are the sources of inspiration? Whether and why is it necessary to bring urban art indoors? What can be called art in that context? When exactly is a work of art completed and should it be completed? What are the artists’ aesthetic values?

The exhibition is curated by Viktor Gurov and organised by Estonian Institute in Finland.

About The Festival:

Prosessifestivaali is an international urban space and street art festival on Helsinki Day, 12 June 2013. The festival is part of the Helsinki Day and Helsinki Week programme and includes many other events in Suvilahti.

The undertaking is also meant for networking between Estonian and Finnish, plus international professional street artists. The outcome of the festival is a street art work in Suvilahti area (the Tiivistämö building will be revamped inside), i.e. an exhibition of street art will be completed by the Helsinki Day, open until (Finnish) St John’s Day.

Pop-Up Design Shop


Next to the Tiivistämö building, Suvilahti

Prosessifestivaali Pop-Up Shop tent is open during the whole festival day! Bags, T-shirts, accessoires, art graphics... made by international & Finnish (street) artists!

Tag Wall


Next to the building no 1, Voimalaitos, Suvilahti

In the Prosessifestivaali programme there is also a tag wall on which the visitors can leave their mark. So come on, leave your message in your own language!

The tag wall opens & markers are available already at 9 am, until 5 pm! After that bring your own markers! :)

The wall stays there until the end of the week, you're welcome to draw your tag during the Helsinki Week!

Leave a message! - Jätä viesti! - Jäta teade!

Suvilahti graffiti wall

Suvilahti graffiti wall will be open at Prosessifestivaali the whole day! The graffiti wall is a part of a new experiment with the intention of bringing more well-deserved recognition to graffiti art and culture, as well as keeping the walls of buildings around the Suvilahti area otherwise graffiti-free.

All members of public are allowed to paint on the wall with their own equipment. The graffiti wall is open daily around the clock.

Photos of Suvilahti and Kalasatama legal graffiti walls in Helsinki

More about the Suvilahti graffiti wall:

Street art café


Oranssi (Valvomo, building 11, Suvilahti)

Fair trade coffee in the splendour of freshly painted walls. Alexandre Riviello (Underground Artist of the Year 2012) and artists from the Multicoloured Dreams collective, for example, will be there to present their work. We also have plenty of materials for making postcards, for example.

More info:

Suvilahti Hollywood Boulevard


Restaurant Lämpö (Building 8, Kojehuone)

Something to do for the entire family!

Grab a piece of chalk and leave your mark on a “star” on the Suvilahti Hollywood Boulevard. Children can also decorate the yard with chalks.

Exhibition Trama: Classics


MAKE YOUR MARK Garage / Gallery (building 6, Puhdistamo)

Exhibition by the legendary Finnish graffiti painter, presenting reproductions of classic Finnish graffiti works.

More info:

Street Photos "Helsinki Street + Shanghai Coca"


Magito Studio
(Building 7, Konttori, entrance from the yard)
Open: 2 – 8 pm

Street Photography Around the World – International street photography exhibition at the Magito studio.

"Helsinki Street + Shanghai Coca" is a photo exhibition presenting the people and life of two cities. The participating artists are Finnish photographers of and Chinese photographer Coca Dai from Shanghai.

The exhibition is curated by YIN Zi and Ossi Kajas, organized by Magito Gallery. It is supported by the city of Helsinki as a part of Helsinki-päivä (Helsinki Day) event and Prosessifestivaali event on 12.6.2013.

Read more:
Helsinki Street + Shanghai Coca

Short films and animations from Estonia and Finland!


Estonian House - Eesti Maja–Viro-keskus (Building no 1)

We show the same films twice:

  • Aliisa Priha: Bicycle, 1 min, animation
  • Helen Unt: Tsikid teel / Girls on the way, 5 min, cartoon
  • Joonas Makkonen: Peto / Beast, 9 min 20 sek, short film
  • Rain Aunapu: Facebox, 3 min, short film
  • Anu-Laura Tuttelberg: Kärbeste veski/ Fly Mill, 7 min 17 sek, animation
  • Mikk Niinemäe: Aeg minna / Time to go, 5 min 50 sek, short film
  • Ari-Pekka Sallinen: Rebirth, 1 min, pencil animation about the metamorphosis
  • Edith Sipiläinen: Ich liebe dich, 10 sek, animation
  • Elin Grönblom: Goldfish Love, 14 min 10 sek, short film
  • Henri Turunen: G-ODD: Sex Terror, 3 min 36 sek, music video
  • Dimitri Domoskanov: Kuritöö ja karistus, 3 min, animation
  • Kate Bahmat: Life in town, 1 min, animation
  • Dimitri Domoskanov: Minu linn / My City, 8 min, animation
  • Aino Taipalus: Remember the Sun Lotion, 1 min
  • Käbi Suvi: Reality, 1 min, animation
  • Sander Maran: Curiosity Kills, 13 min 35 sek, short film
  • Sander Maran: Peetri huvitav asi / Peter's interesting thing, 5 min 4 sek, short film
  • Mattias Mälk: Tuutu Naljahammas / Tutu Funnytooth, 7 min 41 sek, cartoon
  • Jarko Orkasalo & Roni Rautavuori: Totta vai tarua / True or False?, 7 min, short film
  • Laura Kangur: Ma elasin mereäärses linnas / I lived in the city by the sea, 6 min, documentary
  • Heili Lõhmus: Tuleviku lapsed / The children of the future, 2 min, futuristic animation

Duration 1 h 45 min

Graffiti workshop



Open: 1 – 4 pm

Spray cans and felt-tip pens have no rest at the Process Festival. Young people already introduced to the graffiti can try out various techniques, make sketches and produce a large graffiti in relevant workshops.

Make sure to wear suitable clothes and ask your parents' permission to participate.

Workshops are conducted by street artists of the Finnish hip hop NGO Funk On. Graffiti stars from abroad are also present.

A workshop lasts approximately 3 hours and the number of participants is limited.

More information about registration:

A GRAFFITI WORKSHOP is organised on the Helsinki Day in Suvilahti by Funk On Hip hop NGO. The workshop is meant for those who have tried graffiti making before.

If you would like to participate, please email us some photographs of your drawings (it could be anything: painting, sketch, drawing, watercolour, etc.), and we select 10 participants. The workshop is free!

Please send a picture of your work and your contacts at: info at!

The Giant comic workshop


Oranssi operation centre and its yard
(building 11, Valvomo, Suvilahti)

Open: 10 - 12 June, opening 12 June

A giant comic strip will be made with spray paints and pens on plywood boards over one square metre apiece. The result will then be hung on the windows of the Oranssi operation centre. Organised in cooperation with the Helsinki Comics Center.

More info:

Artist Talk



2 – 4.30 pm

About Estonian graffiti art – Marika Agu. Subcultures and graffiti art in Kalasatama & Suvilahti area – Mika Helin + international street artists (tbc).

Street Art Auction



Starts: 5 pm


The Festival programme also includes a street art auction where visitors can purchase their own work of street art. The auction offers works by Alvar Gullichsen, Rakel Liekki, Therese Österholm and Jussi TwoSeven, completed during the Helsinki Street Festival.

See the pictures here

The profit will go into art education of young people. Organised by Funk On & Prosessifestivaali, in collaboration with Helsinki Street Festival.

Juha Pekka Tapani Heikkinen



Time: around 6 pm

This Finnish champion of street music published his debut album in the spring. / juhapekkatapaniheikkinen

More info:

Festival Club Prosessiklubi

Venue: Kuudes Linja

(Hämeentie 13 / Kaikukatu 4, Helsinki)
Open: 20–02 (K-18)
Free Entrance (wardrobe fee only)

The Festival Club Prosessiklubi brings Estonian and Finnish hip hop on stage on 12 June at Kuudes Linja Club, a five-minute walk from Suvilahti.

LIVE: 5loops (EST)
LIVE: Dragan Volta ja Põhjamaade Hirm = DVPH (EST)
LIVE: Kemmuru (FIN)